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Mesh Lawsuit Settlements Lawyer

It has been well documented that transvaginal mesh injuries, as well as hernia and pelvic mesh injuries, can cause a great deal of pain, and can actually change a person’s life in many severe ways. In addition to the physical pain, because these injuries are quite intimate and personal in nature, the problems can also result in a great deal of emotional trauma. Filing a lawsuit because of your mesh implant injuries is not a decision that can be taken lightly. There are a number of complications that can result from using any mesh device. The most severe type of complication is a physical internal injury, which is one of the most common reasons for filing a mesh implant lawsuit. Other complications include pelvic blood vessel damage, pain during intercourse, and a number of infection and irritation complications. At times the devices have been known to actually obstruct the urinary tract, as well as result in urinary incontinence. Many of the cases that have gone to court have kept the exact details of the plaintiff’s condition confidential, due to the understandable personal considerations.

The good news is that there have been a number of successful surgical mesh lawsuit settlements for these types of cases, and many more cases have even been settled out of court.

We have provided some of the details of these successful surgical mesh lawsuits below. However, it must be remembered that while the mesh implant lawsuit settlements have been successful in some cases, there have also been situations when the verdict has been found in the defendant’s favor. Each case has to be viewed on merit, and there is never a guaranteed outcome. If you have been injured by any sort of mesh implant, the best place to start is by discussing your case with our attorney’s who have experience in this field. They will be able to review the details of your case, and give you an accurate idea about whether or not it is a good idea to proceed further with your case. The claims and lawsuits are also long processes. In the best case scenario, a company may decide to settle before going to court. While this might mean a potentially lower payout for plaintiffs, at least the process will be over more quickly. If the case does end up in court, while the potential payout that is awarded has the opportunity of being much larger, the court processes are long and slow.

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Settlement

There have been a number of successful transvaginal mesh lawsuit settlements that have become very well known in the law fraternity. These lawsuits show prospective plaintiffs that successful outcomes are certainly possible, and payments can be fairly sizable.Coloplast logo One of the most well known transvaginal mesh lawsuit settlement came from Coloplast, who paid out $16 million in settlements in order to settle in the region of 400 lawsuits. The plaintiffs in this case had received vaginal mesh implants which were being used to treat pelvic organ prolapse. In the Boston Scientific case, some of their lawsuits have actually gone to trial. The first of these trials that went under a jury resulted in a total of $18.5 million being paid out to plaintiffs. Also in 2014, a woman was paid out $26.7 million after she had claimed that she has actually been injured by the Pinacle Device. In September of the same year, after a mesh implant lawsuit regarding the Obtryx device from Boston Scientific, $73.4 million was paid out to the plaintiffs.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Settlements

In terms of a hernia mesh lawsuit settlement, the most well known cases are the Kugel hernia mesh lawsuits. In this case, 2,600 people claimed to have suffered rather severe internal injuries, directly as a result of their hernia patches. On the case’s conclusion, plaintiffs we paid out an average of $70,000. In addition, the Composix Kugel surgical mesh patches had to be withdrawn from the market, after it was found that the patches had certain defects which were causing the injuries. Other hernia mesh lawsuits have had various different outcomes. For instance, the Kugel hernia patch was found to have caused internal injuries in Christopher Thrope, who was awarded $1.5 million dollars. However, a case which was brought by John Whitfield actually ended in a defense verdict. In this case, the internal injuries were not found to be a direct result of the patch.

Pelvic Mesh Lawsuits Settlements

The first pelvic mesh lawsuit trial was lost by C.R. Bard Inc in 2012. The decision was upheld in California, and the $5.5 million dollars were paid out to plaintiffs. CR Bard Logo Again in 2013, the company lost a further verdict of $2 million, however, the details of this case have remained confidential. Many cases are actually settled before they even reach court, and it has been reported that C.R. Bard Inc has actually settled over 500 Mesh cases, while only following a few of them through to trial. If you have suffered any complications as result of vagina, hernia, or pelvic mesh devices, you need to consult our attorney’s who have experience in this kind of case. We can provide you with information and details about how to best proceed, and in fact, whether it is a good idea to proceed at all. While the potential payouts can be sizable, there are other personal and emotional considerations which must be taken into account, particularly when dealing with complications of such a personal nature.

Let us help you make the right choice for you and your family.